Prop 65 Warnings Explained

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What is Prop 65?

Proposition 65 (Prop 65) is a California law formally known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act enacted in 1986. Prop 65 is a unique California-only "right to know" law that requires products sold in California to include warning notices about potential exposure to any of the 800+ chemicals or elements listed by the State of California, whether or not they are added artificially or are naturally occurring in plants and herbs. Prop 65's warning provision is required for any product (food, jewellery, dishes, etc.) that may expose an individual in California to virtually any detectable amount of a listed substance, even at levels that are far below those known to cause any actual harm and far below any federal safety levels. Prop 65 does not ban any products from sale in California; it simply requires broad warnings about the listed elements contained in
the product. No other state has a law similar to Prop 65.

How does this affect Healths Harmony supplements?

We search for the purest ingredients for our supplements, and strictly follow good manufacturing practices to ensure that finished products are not contaminated with any listed chemicals that are not otherwise naturally occurring. We never add heavy metals or any toxic substances to our products which are intended to promote good health. It is generally understood that lead and other heavy metal substances occur naturally in the environment and are found in trace amounts which are still above Prop 65's extremely low warning levels in various plants, herbs, and natural ingredients, including those ingredients used to make Healths Harmony supplements.

Should I be worried about consuming Healths Harmony products?

Healths Harmony is very proud of its products, including how they are made and what is in each of them. Accordingly, all Healths Harmony products are safe to consume. Prop 65 regulates exposures to listed chemicals at levels far below those known to cause any actual harm or injury and far below any federal safety regulations.

What other kinds of natural foods are affected?

Many foods contain trace levels of one or more of the chemicals listed by the State of California under Prop 65. Frequently, the exposure levels established by Prop 65 can be less than what occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables, fish, and other foods that are part of a healthy diet. Indeed, while acknowledging that fish are part of a healthy diet, Prop 65 plaintiffs forced many grocers to post Prop 65 warnings about listed chemicals in fish that grow wild in the ocean. Moreover, a cup of spinach (8 ounces) pulled straight from the ground can contain up to 6 times the level of lead at which a warning is required under Prop 65, a cup of carrots up to 3 times the level, and a cup of raisins up to 8 times the level.

Why does Healths Harmony put Prop 65 notices on its products?

Naturally grown plants and herbs are known to absorb metals and other trace chemicals from the soil in which they are grown that require a Prop 65 warning. Our ingredients aren't artificially made in a lab, we include whole food plants and vegetables for their natural nutritional benefits.

I don't live in California, why is there a Prop 65 warning on my product?

Other states and federal regulation has levels set at such a low level, especially for naturally occurring heavy metals, this notice is only required for California consumers. However as we operate a centralised inventory system we are not able to show this warning to only California purchases, it appears on all products where required regardless of the consumers location.